How to configure SEO in Strikingly

configure SEO in Strikingly

For those of you who use it as your website builder of choice, here's a step by step simple guide to configuring SEO in Strikingly.

To get started, you need a Strikingly account which you can sign up for here.

Log into your Strikingly account and you should see your editor panel on the left and the website on the right (your theme may vary from the one we've chosen for this tutorial so if it doesn't look the same, don't panic!).

configure SEO in Strikingly

Now click on Settings within your editor panel and scroll down to SEO.

configure SEO in Strikingly

Strikingly is well configured for SEO and the development team has done an excellent job guiding you through the process.

They do so by including a handy SEO checklist which you can go through to make sure your website is properly (and thoroughly) configured for the best possible SEO.

As you complete each requirement within the checklist, Strikingly will update it to show it is completed properly.

configure SEO in Strikingly

Once all of your items have been checked off, you have successfully configured your SEO in Strikingly. If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. 

If you don't yet have a Strikingly website, click here to get one for free!


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